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Seasoned Online Business Manager & Copywriter for Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners 

Multi-talented, pro-active and responsive individual with over 20 years of experience

Hands on Computer Keyboard

Delivering Strategy and Execution That Continually Moves Your Business Forward

A Trusted Right Hand with over two decades of experience. I cut my "VA teeth" starting in 2000, initially as a tech and general VA, and have specialized in Online Business Management since 2016. I still bring my diverse skill set to the table, but I play at the highest level of the business, bringing my bigger-picture management view to every task.

What Can I Do For You?

I confidently manage, delegate and execute on a variety of tasks. I've virtually run several businesses as operations manager, overseen product, program and website launches and worked with teams around the globe on a variety of marketing and copywriting projects.

Below you'll find key areas of expertise. Whether you want me to play in one, two or all three areas, I've got your back. My quick-study abilites, pro-active and responsive approach ensure it!

Project Management

My brain is innately wired for logistics, so I can handle all types of projects from small to large. This includes creating a detailed project plan and working with your team to ensure all tasks are on track and completed on schedule.

I've managed over 50
 launches with diverse clients, including webinars, lead magnets, email campaigns, websites, coaching programs, and more.

When it comes to PMing, launches are my specialty!

Operations Managment

Creating a smooth-running back-end of your business is essential for your growth and peace of mind.

Oftentimes when small business owners start out, it's easy for them to handle everything. Before long, they stop paying attention to running the business so they can focus on client deliverables. A necessary evil, but it will catch up with even the most savvy business owner eventually, resulting in loss of time and money.

Using my knack for seeing the big picture, I consult and execute or delegate on everything from internal processes to strategic marketing, and more.

Content & Copywriting

Need landing page copy? Emails for your new marketing campaign? A thought leadership lead magnet piece?

I've written pretty much everything a coach or small business owner needs.

My sweet spot is writing clear and conversational landing pages and marketing emails that don't sound salesy. I have extensive experience writing full launch copy, too. 

Additionally, with a portfolio of over 250 published newspaper and magazine articles, you can trust I have the writing chops to tackle just about anything.

Trusted by Coaches and Entrepreneurs
Across the Globe


Effortlessly runs the show

"Kathy has been the right hand of my coaching business for over five years. She has outstanding skills, a great work ethic, and always goes the extra mile!״ 

Kim Chernecki.jpg

Kim Chernecki
CEO & Founder, Freedom Street

Flexible & multi-talented

“It is rare to find someone with Kathy's depth and breadth of experience both on the sales and operational side. She can pivot in both areas exceptionally well and quite honestly there isn't anything that she has not been able to take on and assist me and my business with.״ 

Joanne Trotta.jpg

Joanne Trotta
Managing Partner,
Leaders Edge Inc.

“Kathy quickly understands the scope of each project and produces engaging email marketing copy for many of our webinars and program launches. I love leaning on her expertise!״ 

Cathy Wagner.jpg

Cathy Wagner

Creative & resourceful

Let's Talk About Your Business Goals

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