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Multiple Skills Where You Need Them Most

I guess you could call me a "triple threat".


I manage operations, projects, and write copy. A pretty rare combo.


Here's how I can help you run your business in a variety of ways.

First of all, I get the coaching/consulting space.

I've played at every level of the business from a single-task contractor to team manager, project manager, client manager and operations manager. Along the way, I've also provided copy to a wide variety of business, executive and leadership coaches and consultants.

Switching gears and transferring my diverse skills, I've written copy for several marketing agencies, tech and marine clients. And most of the time, can't help pitching in to manage projects. :) Oh, and I'm also the author of more than 250 newspaper and magazine articles, so the depth of writing ability is well, somewhat impressive.  

My organizational capabilities stem from having an extremely organized mother who modelled over and over, her innate skill (guess that got me to school on time!). Seems I was destined to do it naturally. In fact, besides organizing projects and businesses, one of my most memorable undertakings was ensuring eight marine archaeologists located in three different countries made it to the same destination within an hour of each other (pats back).

On the copy front, I've learned a LOT from working alongside my clients, mentors, instructors, and the various books I've read. I've found that while it's important to understand copywriting formulas, and the latest trends, etc., it really comes down to simplifying your process. Sure, you have to know who your audience is and if what you offer is of value to them. Being conversational in your approach allows you to really step into your voice as a business owner and thought leader. At the end of the day, no one wants to be sold to, so coming from an authentic, caring place is best. And you don't need a formula for that.

Whether you're interested in my help running your operations, managing a special project, or crafting a marketing email campaign, consider it done with expert care and attention.

High-Quality Work

"I've worked with Kathy for over 10 years. She has provided editorial guidance on several of my books and has helped develop and edit
e-books, press releases, and more. I highly respect her opinion and her dedication to every task."

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Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

Corporate Wellness Trainer Owner, Sante Chiropractic

Let’s Start Working Together!

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